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Meanwhile the Vega 64 Liquid Cooled card is larger, more powerful, and more power hungry, utilizing a Radeon R9 Fury X-style external radiator as part of a closed loop liquid cooling setup in order to maximize cooling performance, and in turn clockspeeds. You actually won’t see AMD playing this card up too much – AMD considers the air cooled Vega 64 to be their baseline – but for gamers who seek the best Vega possible, AMD has put together quite a stunner.

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So, on the current DAG Epoch (#138), difficulty of around 1,700 TH and a block time of ~ seconds this is what we are looking at in stock form with 1 minute average after running for a period of 15 minutes to let the cards warm up. The AMD Radeon VEGA 64 gets MH/s with the system pulling 367 Watts at the wall. The AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 gets MH/s with 306 Watts at the wall. Not bad results, but not close to the rumored 70-100 MH/s performance these cards were said to have.

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